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food truck in Portland Oregon

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A food truck serving up island-inspired Asian fusion in Portland, Oregon

Hand holding bowl of asian food in front of food truck
Man handing food truck food to customer

Our Food

People often ask "What does Pidgin Hole mean?"




pidg·in - a dialect


1. a simplified language often influenced by many cultures not sharing a common language


Pidgin Hole

pidg·in hole - a cuisine

/ˈpijən hōl/


1. simple blend of Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, and Caribbean flavors with notes of the Pacific Northwest


2. *island-inspired* Asian fusion

3. not your typical Hawaiian plate lunch truck

asian fusion dish with rice and meat

Chef Jeremy is a Chinese-American Portland native. He grew up cooking with his grandfather who was originally from Hilo, HI and eventually came to be a Chef in Portland for over 30 years. We call the Pidgin Hole cuisine an Island-inspired Asian fusion. Like pidgin the dialect, our menu is influenced by a variety of Island and Asian cultures and features many of the flavors Jeremy grew up on.

Our Story

What Our Customers Say...

"Phenomenal food!!! Keep on rocking those amazing flavors. The potstickers are amazing."

Come see what the hype is all about!

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